Fundamental Analysis

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Fundamental Analysis

Post  BlueBlur on Sat May 05, 2012 10:45 am

What is the techniques that got the top investor Warren Buffet Rich? It is Fundamental Analysis !

I am sure you probably had heard of Fundamental Analysis if you had read some books on stock. Alright lets get some background knowledge on Warren Buffet ( master of masters in FA ). You gotta know him if you were to be serious in this business. Nothing beats modelling after the best right? Our dear Warren Buffet had invested in his first stock at young age of 13 and still he thought he started out too late. Of course, as a stock investor he knew about technical analysis and went on studying about it for the next 8 years. After trying out various indicators and stuff he discovered that to invest based on PAST historical prices was not the way to go. Then he soley focus on FA for his investment. Since then, he is able to consistently compound his $$ anually by 24%. That is how powerful FA can help you in your investment journey.

Nevertheless, i am not soley favouring FA. I do believe that technical analysis does wonders on predicting short term price movement and is able to gives us the BUY signal in the short term time frame and maximize your profits yield by buying at the right time.

By saying all this, i hope you guys can share some of the things that you have gathered on FA..what are your thoughts on it, etc etc. Start your sharing now Soliders !


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